New Spring/Summer 2021 TwillyEtriers Remix twilly

This is Ai.

I'm out of wine

A Japanese-style hamburg steak with grass-fed beef, thinking that it goes well with alcohol.

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So what are we going to do tonight? . I'm worried. . .

How do you decide on the nightly menu?


I was writing an article about Twilly

Mummies become mummies. . .

I've come to want one myself. . .

My first Twilly is a 2017 card-patterned Hermes orange.

image 2

(I couldn't find my past photo.. I borrowed it from Mr. @grare_ginza.)

I delivered the yellow to the customer, but after a lot of hesitation, I didn't release the orange. . . Lost It was a shock. . .

My second My Twilly was recommended at a Shibuya boutique last spring, saying, "Ai-san, I think you'll like this. What do you think?"

Image 3

Should I buy a third one? . . . I'm worried about this too. .

This spring/summer collection is beautiful. That's why I'm worried. . .

Etriers Remix twilly

Image 4

most popular


white and gold on blue base

how classy

image 5

cute hint of pink

Indigo/Rose Vif/Multicolor

Image 6

Spring colors make you feel good.

These two colors are reserved products, so it takes about 2 weeks from order to delivery.

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Click here to order.

Ah! 3,000 yen OFF by using the coupon!

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Available until January 31st.

Please take this opportunity

Have a nice day.

indigo robe