Shane Dunkle Earrings TPM très petit modèle Pink gold!

This is Ai.

When I go back to my home in Niigata Prefecture from Tokyo Station, I think I'll make it a habit to buy flowers at Tokyo Station.

I am healed by magenta pink roses Deredere

By the way, the size development of Hermès jewelry

TPM = très petit modèle French for the smallest size, meaning very small model

PM = petit model = small model

MM = moyen model = medium model

GM = grand model = large model

TGM = très grand model = very large model

Available in 5 different sizes.

Among them, I received a simple pink gold pair of earrings with only one piece of Shane D'ancle! ! !

too small and cute Deredere

«Chane Dunkle Pierce TPM»

The smallest TPM is an elegant piercing that casually decorates your ears beautifully.

pink gold is

The most popular material for pop H pendants.

Because it is a shopper, box, and ribbon packaging

Of course it is most suitable for a present Deredere

Prompt departure from Niigata Prefecture.

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Have a nice day.

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