Urgent arrival! Hermes Hermès Twilly Kelly Ann Perle Crème/Framboise/Argile

This is Ai.

I received 3 Twilly requests in a row

As expected, everyone is looking forward to spring, isn't it?

Last year's autumn/winter 2020 design was very popular.

Kelly Ann Perle

most popular


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I received only one

Designed by Kelly Ann Perl

Kelly Pearl Square is a 1997 adaptation of an original work by a Cameroonian artist in the Year of Africa, used for the cover of Hermès World. The print captures the relief of small embroidered glass beads, a traditional African folk art found in jewelry, adornment and clothing. In the Square, the rustic treatment of the Kelly bag becomes a central motif for the little characters. The two diamonds on either side of the handle are the eyes, the handle itself is the nose, and the strap draws a smile. (From official website)

Spring colors make you feel good.

Brighten up your bag

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Color development is 8 colors,

Colors available in our store

Rose Bonbon/Canard/Jaune

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Bleu Royal/Jaune/FramboiseMore

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These two colors are reserved products, so it takes about 2 weeks from order to delivery.


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is promptly dispatched from Niigata Prefecture.

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