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Do you remember the day you opened the doors of your first Hermès boutique? Hatena mark

Even now, I clearly remember the courage I mustered to the point of jumping off the Kiyomizu stage in order to take a step into the world of luxury brands.

My Hermès debut was October 23, 2015 at the Hermès boutique in Frankfurt, Germany. The store clerk was very kind to guide me, but it seemed that I had come to the wrong place, so I was restless until the checkout was over.

On that day, I was able to purchase a coin case called Bastia, which was requested by the president at the time. I remember feeling a little jealous that the president would pay 30,000 yen for a coin case because he was rich, and that it was a world that had nothing to do with me.

One day in January 2017, I was at Malpensa airport in Italy to return home.

I couldn't take my eyes off the Hermès boutique, so I mustered up the courage to enter, and there was a beautiful red card case Calvi on display.

The list price in Europe is the cheapest, and since it's inside the airport, you can buy it duty-free, so it's a great chance to buy it.

I was worried about my troubles and became the purchase of my first Hermès.

such a beautiful card case

It took courage to start using it, but when I started using it, my back straightened.

I have to become a woman worthy of having such a beautiful card case.

Calvi who made me think like that

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I was happy to see myself using very expensive items on a regular basis.

Then I started buying Hermès items.

We want as many people as possible to experience the joy of enjoying Hermès products and become rich.

This is why we sell Hermès products.

If you haven't gotten any Hermès items yet, I would be happy if I could help you with your purchase of First Hermès.

And if you, a Hermès lover, I would be happy to help you add to your collection.

Let's get rich together surrounded by Hermès products.

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