A silver bracelet that complements the delicate wrist of a woman 《Farandole》 PM


This is Ai.

I don't even go to work. . . I don't have children. . . I have time!

By the way, my hobby is cooking.

one of the best dishes

Tantan Tsukemen (For health reasons, we use 100% buckwheat noodles.)

It's a simple 10-minute dish that can be made by simply mixing shirodashi, water, kneaded sesame seeds, and doubanjiang, so it's a popular lunch item at our house.


The Shane Dunkle bracelet is so popular that it hides in the shadows

Farandole bracelets are also popular

A beautiful bracelet that complements a woman's delicate wrist.

Available in 3 sizes

SH total length 15.2cm
ST total length 15.8cm

LG Total length 16.4cm

Same as Shane Dunkle Bracelet

Insert the end T clasp into the round ring and secure.

Therefore, we recommend ordering 1.5-2cm longer than your wrist.

My wrist circumference is 14cm, so the 15.2cm SH

I was worried that it would be a little tight, so I made it a +1.8cm ST and it was perfect. wink

We hope for your reference.

In this way, the serial number and country of manufacture are stamped in the frame.

If it is too long or too tight, it can be repaired for a fee at the Hermes boutique, so you can rest assured.

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