Spring/Summer 2020 new wallet! Brid Gala silk in compact! Rose Confetti is back in stock!

This is Ai.

Curry makes me want to eat it so much. .

Stewed with garam masala, turmeric, cinnamon, salt and pepper, and honey, and thickened with kudzu. Maiu drunk

It looks bad, but the rice is enzyme brown rice

It seems that white rice is better than brown rice. .

I used to make it myself, but it takes four days to complete. . . Guerrow

So now I buy it at Kawashimaya .


Very popular silk in compact

The most popular color Rose Confetti is back in stock!

cute drunk

It was sold out in an instant with the new spring / summer 2020

Hermès Legend Design


Brid Gala Phantom Apova

Bridgala with polka dots Lovey-dovey

He's just too cute

I used that silk luxuriously

silk in classic

Inside the leather wallet is ALL silk

It's a beautiful wallet.

There are 4 colors available

silk in compact

Only Rose Confetti has been restocked.

Girls love pink

Rose Confetti is very popular for its feminine, gorgeous and vivid rose color!

In addition, silk in compact is praised number 1 exclamation mark

At a meeting with a leather craftsman in Sumida Ward for another job

"Your wallet is amazing

The ability to sew silk so beautifully

It must have been made by a skilled craftsman.”

was acclaimed.

(Because of Hermes straight face Of course I won't say anything stupid. )

Feel better every time you use it

I feel better every time I get compliments

Compact wallet with excellent investment effect!

It is also attractive that the price is more affordable than the classic wink

Click here to order.

Delivery is scheduled for the end of this month.

Have a nice day wink

indigo robe