my first hermes

Encounter with Hermès.

When I was 24 years old, when I worked for an executive search company, one of our customers was Hermès. At that time, Hermès was very difficult for me, and I could not even imagine entering a Hermès boutique.

For me, “lucky” came one day when the company president invited me to attend a meeting with the then Hermès Human Resources Manager.

Ms. N, who appeared in the lobby of Peninsula Tokyo, was a refined and beautiful woman who looked great in Hermès's boyfriend. I was very nervous due to the high threshold of the hotel environment, but Mr. N was friendly and kind, and I remember enjoying the conversation as he eased my nervousness in no time. (I don't know what you were talking about...)

And miraculous!

I received an invitation ticket for Hermès Sordo (a sale where only high-ranking customers of Hermès are invited)!

Even though it's a sord (French word for sale), not only bags, but even small leather goods are priced at unaffordable prices. . .

I'm worried about it, and I can't buy it. . . That's why I took the time to invite you.

I decided to jump off the stage of Kiyomizu and opened my wallet

simple beige heels

Was it around 40,000 yen? I remember

For me at that time, even Diane's heels were expensive, so it was an economic power,

I tried my best to buy

It is a very nostalgic memory that it was a waste and was shelved after only wearing it twice.

Ten years later

Every year I grow my collection little by little.

The picture is a cashmere silk bandana design that I was worried about last year.

It's the best treasure that I've been worried about.

I am grateful to be able to do this work that can help you find your treasure.

indigo robe