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Today, we would like to introduce the types of Hermès leather that are often asked by our customers.

Voe Swift <br>Extremely soft and refined, this leather is named after Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels. It is a name that conveys characteristics similar to Vo Gulliver, which is not currently used in the collection.
First appearance in the collection: 2004 Appearance: High smoothness, delicate luster, invisible light grain Touch: Soft, soft Hand: Soft and rich Aging: Becomes softer

Clutch Bag 《Gige》 Elan 29
It is a leather that is often made of.

Image 4

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Voe Evercolor <br> Complementary to Voe Evergrain, it has the same soft feel and a wide range of "forever" color variations.
First appearance in the collection: 2012 Appearance: Glossy, regular small grains by printing Touch: Grain hand: Softer and more supple than Vo Evergrain

Image 3

Coin purse <<Bastia>> Found in the Bastia collection.

Taurillon Clemence
Named after the creator's own daughter, this leather is suitable for travel bags. It expresses the unique characteristics of grained leather, which has undergone a spinning process to increase softness and bring out the sharp grain on the surface.
First appearance in the collection: 1992 Appearance: Semi-matte, irregular and distinct grain Touch: Soft, smooth Hand: Supple Aging: Becomes softer

This is the most popular bag <<Evelyn III>> 29 leather.

Taurillon Maurice
Smaller, rounder and more pronounced grain, the new Taurillon is a firmer leather than Clemence.
First appearance in the collection: 2017 Appearance: Small round bulges, regular luster, wide range of colors Touch: Between dry and soft, softening over time coming out

Vo Epson
Named after a town in the southeast of England famous for horse racing. The fine, regular grain is a result of the machined print, and the beautiful, delicate two-tone color stands out.
First appearance in the collection: 2004 Appearance: Regular small grain, slightly glossy, even, deep color Touch: Dry, slightly uneven grain Hand: Roundness, firmness Aging: Hard to lose shape, resistant to scratches, Diminished grain in heavily used areas

The silk-in compact in the photo is made of this leather.

image 1

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Chevre Mizol <br>Named from the town of Mizol in southern India, where Chevre Mizol is produced. It features a special grain by embossing. This is a process in which the leather is rolled up and the grains are oriented by overlapping the surfaces. You can apply thin lines in multiple directions as well as in one direction.
First appearance in the collection: 1990s Appearance: Distinctive but harmonious grain, characteristic of goat leather with a light sheen Touch: Rather dry, softens with age Hand: Soft Aging: Softens, acquires luster take on

I often make the very popular Bearn .

image 2

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Chevre Shamkhira
Both leathers are extremely elegant, just like the Chevre line, which is produced in India. Fine, fine grains are very lustrous. As the name "Chamkila", which means shine in Hindi, indicates, it is a beautiful glossy leather.
First appearance in the collection: 2018 Appearance: Random and harmonious fine grain Touch: No grain feel Hand: Firm and supple Aging: Color deepens over time

Vaux Grené Monsieur
Vaux Monsieur, also known as the "king of leather" and named after the boxcalf. Under the Ancien Regime, the title of "monsieur" was used for the king's youngest brother. Characterized by its understated luster, firmness and fine grain, this leather has a delicate two-tone finish that is subtly anchored.
First appearance in the collection: 2018 Appearance: Extremely delicate, with fine and regular grains of Vo Epson Touch: Dry hands: Dense grains, rounded bulges Aging: Stable and hard to lose shape, slightly glossy tinged, areas with significant use become more lustrous

Bag 《Mosaic 24》 Leather made with the appearance of 21.

Vaux Allegro
We have a wide range of vibrant colors. Fine-grained and extremely soft to the touch, this leather is as durable as it looks.
First appearance in the collection: 2018 Appearance: Fine, glossy, revealing the original characteristics of the leather Touch: Extremely soft to the touch go out

It is often used for mini bag "Ruri".

Vaux Barenia Faubourg <br>A novel heritage leather with a new interpretation of Vaux Barenia. This leather, with its own Hermès grain, takes its name from the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where the first Hermès store is located.
First appearance in the collection: 2016 Appearance: Fine print grain that imitates fine grains produced by spinning treatment Touch: Waxy, velvety, texture that makes you want to touch Hands: Supple and rich, softer than Barenia Aging: Same as Barenia , The texture increases with use, and the color of the part that is exposed to light deepens.

image 5

It is used in Card Case City .
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Vaux Sombrero <br>The Vaux Sombrero was originally developed for men's bags. Bolder than boxcalf, less wild than Vaux Barenia, this leather has a very urban feel.
First appearance in the collection: 2011 Appearance: Ultra-matte, uniform color, dark touch: Dry hand: Firm and aging: Hard to lose shape, areas of noticeable use acquire a lustrous beauty. is not it.

Image 6

Card case Used in Manhattan .
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Vo Togo
Strong rotation processing is applied to make the most of the original characteristics of leather. Since it was born in a year with an African theme, it is named after an African country.
First appearance in the collection: 1997 Appearance: Matte texture, irregularly rounded grains, streaks and wrinkles are noticeable Touch: Dry, rough texture, rounded hands: Soft, with noticeable streaks Aging: Softens

image 7

A typical men's wallet, Dogon is often made.

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The world of Hermès leather is profound. Every leather is delicious and beautiful. That's why you may want to collect them.

Thank you for reading.

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