Hermès buying diary

The acquisition started in October 2015.

Taken during a lunch break in Milan, Italy.

At that time, we also purchased brands other than Hermès.

This was purchased at Hermes at Frankfurt Airport in Germany in October 2017.

I remember being thrilled to find your product during my layover in New York.

Bought at the airport in Paris, France in January 2018.

(I received wine to celebrate the purchase. It's my favorite food...)

Hermès boutique in Paris

It is a very large boutique with two floors.

This is the Hermès boutique at the airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A customer is looking for a Hermès orange Carmen key chain, and when he finds it, he is thrilled. (It is rare for Hermès to come across a product or color that you really want. When you do, you may consider it fate.)

Please stop by the Hermes boutique when traveling to Florence, Italy. The ceiling of the Hermès boutique in the historic city of Florence is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Hermes boutique on Milan's Via Montenapoleore has a Japanese salesclerk, so it's convenient to shop in Japanese.

(Wine break after purchase is the default.)

This is the Hermes boutique in Venice, Italy

Venice is not a city for shopping, so it helps that there are always places available whenever you go.

This is Ai, the shopkeeper.

At this time, we had a toast after purchasing at the Venice store. . .

Ai loves Aline.

I sometimes buy at Hermès boutiques in Japan.

We also ask for repairs and cleaning of important items of our customers.

Hermès boutiques in Japan put it in a simple black shopper like this. So that I can go home without looking bad. This is hospitality unique to Japan.

By the way, the Swiss Hermès boutique puts it in the same simple white shopper.

At this time, at the Hermes boutique in Hong Kong International Airlines

I was able to purchase this product.

I got sparkling wine at the Hermes boutique in Munich, Germany. This glass is also from Hermès.

In this way, we offer only genuine products purchased at Hermès boutiques throughout Europe.