Hermès Silver Jewelry "Chène d'Ancre" Bracelet


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Hermès silver jewelry is handcrafted one by one by Hermès craftsmen using 925 silver, the highest purity of all silver, and finished with platinum coating, so the silver jewelry of other brands has a special difference in brilliance.

By the way, silver 925 (SV925) is officially recognized as 100% silver in the precious metal industry. 100% silver is too soft and not suitable for making accessories.

The most popular Hermès silver jewelry 《Chène d'Ancle》 bracelet

In 1938, Robert Dumas, a member of the Hermès family, stumbled across a ship's anchor chain. I was attracted to the silhouette and made a bracelet based on the chain. Thus, the chic and sporty style of the bracelet "Chène d'Ancre" was born.

There are 4 types of "Chène D'ancle" bracelets.

Different sizes of chain links
There are four types: PM, MM, GM, and TGM.

PM Petit modelle Abbreviation for petit model
MM Moyen modele Abbreviation for Moyen model
GM Grand modele Abbreviation for grand model
TGM Très grand modele Abbreviation for Très grand model

Hermès has four workshops in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The country of manufacture is stamped on the bracelet. There is also a stamped serial number.

Until the spring of last year, there was about one shipment a week, but it is said that it will be a miracle if there is an arrival now because the popularity is so high and the number of Hermès craftsmen is limited. .

In particular, MM and GM have not arrived in the last two months. . . Thank you for your time. . .

This time, we received a notice of arrival of PM and TGM. The size is limited, but if the size fits, please consider it.

How to choose size

From Hermès to PM, it is said that the optimal length is 1.5cm - 2.5cm longer than your wrist circumference.

For a wrist circumference of 14cm, a bracelet with a length of 15.5cm - 16.5cm would be suitable, so 18 pieces of 16.4cm would be ideal.

In the case of TGM, the top is large, so it is said that the optimal length is 2.5cm - 3.5cm longer than the circumference of your wrist.

If your wrist circumference is 14cm, a bracelet with a length of 16.5cm - 17.5cm will be suitable, so 10 pieces of 17.2cm would be ideal.

In addition, we also repair the number of frames at the Hermès boutique.
Repairing to reduce the number of frames costs 10,000 yen Repairing to increase the number of frames costs 15,000 yen per frame. In that case, please ask for repair.

If you have any questions about size, etc., feel free to contact us on line.

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