Italian Purchase Business Trip Report

This is Ai.

I have just returned from a business trip to Italy.

I've been to three cities: Florence, Milan, and Venice.
There weren't many shops in Florence, and many of the shops were closed. .

such a beautiful place. I hope the tourists will return soon.

Hermès was able to visit 4 stores in the airport, Florence, Milan, and Venice, and there were a lot of miraculous products due to the lockdown! ! ! Most of the items are items that are not usually in stock, so if the stock runs out, it will be difficult to purchase. .

Don't miss this chance.

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Here are some recommended restaurants.

If you go to Florence

Westin hotel rooftop bar

From 7 pm you can enjoy an aperitivo for 35 euros.
6 dishes and 1 drink and this view is reasonable.

Definitely here for lunch
Ostaria dei Centopoveri

It's a bargain at 10 euros, which includes pasta, main dish, water, and wine, but it's delicious!

in Venice

The Caravella restaurant

It's expensive, but the service and taste are worth it!
It's in my top 10 favorite restaurants. If you like ASO in Aoyama, please check it out!

Enjoy an aperitivo in the evening.

I don't have any particular restaurants to recommend, but if you just walk in, you can enjoy finger food like this and a glass of wine for 5 euros.

As an aside, Gudetama is the phone wallpaper for the Hermès store clerk in Venice. He said he likes Japan and went on a trip to Japan in February. We had a nice conversation.

I sincerely hope that Japan will soon become a place where people can travel without hesitation.

Have a wonderful 4 consecutive holidays.

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