Birth of "Beauty" by Hermès


This is Ai, the shopkeeper.

March 4th! I've been waiting! !

Hermès Cosmetics "Beauty"! On sale!

In 1961, Hermès released its first perfume, “Calèche,” and I was hoping that the cosmetics collection would start soon. . . It's been a long time. It will take 40 years from the announcement of perfume until Hermès announces cosmetics.

As expected, it was sold out on the first day.

The first “beauty” is a lipstick

Beauty, the 16th Métier, by Hermès, the maison of craftsmanship.
<Rouge Hermès> is a comprehensive collection for the beauty of women's lips.

Comprehensive collection <Rouge Hermès> for a beautiful mouth
The case, designed by Pierre Hardy, is an object of poetic yet functional beauty. Featuring lacquered, brushed or polished metal, the collection is designed to combine the Maison's contemporary spirit with its heritage.

The lipstick is designed to be refillable and can be used repeatedly, and is gently wrapped in a toile fabric cover and stored in an orange box, just like precious jewelry.

Two textures inspired by the texture of leather, satin and matte Just as leather has a variety of finishes, lipstick also comes in two textures, satin and matte, based on the texture of leather.

Satin is soft and finely textured, like a box calf, with a smooth feel and a glossy finish. The mat is inspired by the texture and feel of Vaux Dobris, featuring a soft look and a powdery touch.

See the satin collection here

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The crystallization of the Maison's wisdom "The beauty of Hermès was born from the skillful handwork of the Maison's specialists in a wide variety of fields, including Bari Barré, Pierre Hardy, and Jérôme Toulon, through technical discussions. It was just a natural flow.
In addition to objects, materials, colors, and gestures, they created objects with free ideas while exchanging close communication in a new field of sensibility such as texture. ”

Pierre-Alexis Dumas Hermès Artistic Director 

<Rouge Hermès>
Limited edition Limited edition that comes up every season. The first series is available in three colors: Violet Ansensu (satin), Rose Yinhui (matte), and Corail Feu (satin). Vivid colors with contrast bring out the beauty and make your personality stand out.

The spring/summer 2020 collection, which opens with these three tones, has an overwhelming presence with multi-colored cases. Let your mood, curiosity, and inspiration of the day take your pick.

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The arrival date in Japan is undecided, but you can buy it at Hermès boutiques in France, Holland, and some other boutiques.

It will take 3 to 4 weeks to deliver, but please look forward to it.

Thank you for reading.

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