New Spring/Summer 2021 Twilly Bride de Cour twilly

This is Ai.

I moved to the countryside in Niigata prefecture. . .

I live without a car, and I can't go to convenience stores or supermarkets. . .

I haven't received the wine I purchased from Rakuten yet.

A dish that goes well with sake, remake a Japanese-style hamburger with grass-fed beef

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So what are we going to do tonight? . I'm worried. . .

I'm worried about the same thing every day. .

Oh, it's February, isn't it?

February means Valentine's Day

Ai works at home. My partner is a manager, so he also works at home.

I don't have a car. . . We are together almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether we work or ski. . .

Still, I wonder if I'll send my daily gratitude to my partner who can live in harmony.

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GM 12 frames and 14 frames

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Royal Shane Dunkle Bracelet

After all, the man wearing this is cool

Bye bye

Twilly from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Bride de Cour twilly

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This is also very elegant

the designer is

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Same as

Mr. Françoise de La Perriere

Inspired by the design of the Bride decour scarf, the former stables of Munich's Nymphenburg Palace house one of Europe's finest collections of classical carriages from the 17th to 19th centuries. From children's carriages to imperial carriages, formal Berliners, sleighs and elaborately decorated sleighs with splendid harnesses, each is more beautiful than the last. Highlights of the collection include Ludwig II's sumptuous gilded carriage and the coronation carriage of German Emperor Charles VII. Inspired by the Nymphenburg Collection, this scarf features bridle and saddle cloth decorated with velvet, gold tassels, finely worked buckles, braids and leather inlays. (From official website)

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