New Spring/Summer 2020 collection! Brides de Gala silk in compact wallet


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New from Hermes!

« Brides de gala fantôme à pois »
Introducing a pastel-coloured spring silk-in-compact made from Brid de Gala polka-dot silk.

The Brides de Gala, a symbol of Hermès, was created in 1957 by Robert Dumas and Hugo Grigger. As usual, the two lined up the two bridles on the floor facing each other. This resulted in a simple, perfect and unparalleled composition suitable for him. Next, the elaborate technique of craftsmen called "handwork" that Maison cherishes turns the design into an actual boyfriend. Brid de Gala celebrates the Maison's roots and business as a saddle and harness craftsman, as well as the thoughts of objects that are highly practical and timeless. And the simple name itself, which Jean-Louis Dumas immediately recognizes as "a dazzlingly extravagant ceremonial bridle," is important.

It is said to be the origin of “Bride de Gala”.
A silk in compact that uses silk with polka dots in the "Bride de Gala"

A very cute mini purse.

4 colors

image 1

Rose color newly released by HERMES Hermès in the spring and summer of 2020

Rose Confetti/Rose Confetti

image 2

Rose silk and pastel green Vaux Epson leather

Vert Criquet/Rose Confetti/Vert Cricket

Image 3

Gentle ivory color

Nata/Sésame/Bleu Brume

Image 4

A classic brown color that you will never get tired of.

Nata/Sésame/Bleu Brume

It will be available in 4 colors.

The leather does not lose its shape and is scratch resistant, making it the perfect wallet for everyday use.Vo Epson

About Vo Epsom <br>Named after a town in the South East of England famous for horse racing. The fine, regular grain is a result of the machined print, and the beautiful, delicate two-tone color stands out.
First appearance in the collection: 2004 Appearance: Regular small grain, slightly glossy, even, deep color Touch: Dry, slightly uneven grain Hand: Roundness, firmness Aging: Hard to lose shape, resistant to scratches, Diminished grain in heavily used areas

Convenience is very good, too.
With the popularity of mini bags, mini wallets are also very popular.

It is a size that can be stored in the mini bag.

Although it is a mini wallet, it has 3 card pockets on both sides, so you can store a total of 6 cards.

In addition, one side of the coin purse with a zipper in the middle opens like a bellows, so when you open the zipper, the frontage opens at once, making it easy to find coins.

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