This summer is here! Bracelet 《Collier de Chien》

This is Ai.

I got your request Deredere

New product released last year

Colorful aluminum bracelet "Collier de Chien"

A light and durable aluminum bracelet that deserves to be called an innovation. Colorful alumite processing is applied to color your wrist with vivid and deep colors.

A colorful aluminum manchette realized through advanced technological innovation. This light and sturdy manchette comes in vivid and deep color variations. "Collier de Chien" is based on the motif of the familiar "Medor" with four studs and a ring. (From official website)

Why is it called innovation?

The surface of the bangle made of aluminum is processed with countless microscopic holes invisible to the naked eye, and the paint is applied using a special technique that penetrates the holes.

That's why it's a technique that not only produces vivid colors but also does not fade even after many years!

I didn't really like metal bracelets because the color would peel off, but as expected of Hermes!

All Hermès items!

Can be used semi-permanently straight face

Besides! Because there is no going out of style

Even if you give it to a child, you can use it enough wink

What is the announcement of the Collier de Chien bracelet? pawn

1927! ! !

Loved for less than 100 years straight face

In 1927, a female customer was looking for a belt to complement her outfit. She requested that the dog's collar be stretched out, and Hermès redesigned the belt with rounded pyramid motif studs "Medor" and rings. From the stripped-down lines and volume, the later bracelet "Collier de Chien" was born. (From official website)

I ordered 3 last year, but only 1 was delivered. laugh and cry

It was so popular that the inventory fluctuated quickly, and I was only able to purchase one. . .

So if you have your size, please order as soon as possible. wink

Two types of size development

T2 Arm circumference: Approx. 15.5 cm | Width: 4 cm

T3 Arm circumference: Approx. 16.5 cm | Width: 4 cm


There are many color developments. . .

The name color that can be purchased at our store is


Rose Couture

Jaune Soleil

We also have the standard noir (black)!

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